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Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 


Back to back weeks with blog! I hope everyone had a sweet week and has huge plans for the weekend. Remember to follow and share 😊. Short part 1 this week, but a special interview in part 2 on a killer new fitness app that you might find useful! Yesterday I had my regular 6-month check up with my POTS specialist so here is what he had to say.


Part 1 – Check up

Everything looks good! I had the first appointment of the day, so he was even able to get me in a little early. Not much has changed with my vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, etc). Everything is going well enough that we are actually going to try reducing some of my medications. That is what I appreciate about this doctor (not using names due to rules associated with some other sites that this blog is also published in). He is a medication minimalist which means I know he is only having me take the meds that are absolutely necessary. My exercising/conditioning has helped improve my symptoms enough that I am going to do a trial of discontinuing my beta-blocker. Pray for good results! I’m a little scared to try this out as I have been on this for over two years. The ideal situation is one where I can handle this condition without having to take any medications. Even better would be if someday this blog gets changed to the “DudeWhoHadPOTS”.

This visit was a little bit different because he had a PA (Physician’s Assistant) with him that he was training and giving experience with autonomic dysfunction. I thought this was super cool because this will allow his office to see more patients. Overall it was a routine check-up and as is the case right now, no new is good news! We scheduled another follow up for April. As I mentioned in a previous post, we believe that this could be an autoimmune related reaction going on in my body. The test for these anti-bodies is still not available to the public, so I couldn’t get that blood work done this time. He is hopeful it will be available soon.

One aspect that I have been struggling with (although a good struggle to have) is that because of the improvements I have seen over the last year and half, I forget sometimes that I do have a chronic condition. Any sort of virus (head cold for example) will trigger a flare up that reminds me I need to keep up my regiment of exercise, meds, and lifestyle changes. I just recently had a very minor cold that caused my dry eyes, head pressure, dizziness, and stomach pain to come back for about four days. Or it was just a “man cold” haha. Either way I was out of commish for a bit.



Part 2 – PerFIcT Fitness


This week I have another special DudeWithPOTS interview! Following along with my health theme, I would like you to get to know a young entrepreneur that is hard at working creating the fitness app of the future! Please welcome my good (and soon to be rich and famous) friend CORY FAULKNER!!!


Cory Faulkner. Thanks for agreeing to this super important and high publicity interview. We have known each other for a quite a while now. Our paths first crossed out on the gym floor of the REC center and Eastern Washington University. I was draining 3’s in your eye. Ha ha ok I don’t remember that actually happening. But we had some good times. People are probably wondering 1 – who is Cory Faulkner? and 2 – Why is he being interviewed by the DudeWithPOTS? So let’s cut to the chase.

 Who is Cory Faulkner? Where did you grow up? What are you all about?

“I’m just a hard-working and life-loving guy who is the CEO/Founder of PerFIcT Inc. and the PerFIcT App. I grew up in Wenatchee, Washington and went to college at Eastern Washington University. I’m all about having a good time and achieving the goals I set for myself.”

This blog is about a health journey and just trying to be a better person and better self. You are the creator and CEO of new and exciting start up called PerFIcT, a phone app that is all about fitness and becoming a better you. Tell me about the app, its story, and what it has meant to you.

“The story is way too long to type out haha. I had the idea for the app over 3.5 years ago and it’s been a crazy journey every since. I went from pitching friends in living rooms in Cheney, WA to presenting in front of hundreds of investors in Los Angeles, CA. Our team started out as just me and now we have a full-stack dev team, IOS/Android UX/UI designers, project managers, and more. It’s a shit-show to be honest but it’s a whole lot of fun. I’ve literally met thousands of people on this journey that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

The app is still in its early stages but I really hope to eventually change the lives of millions of people both financially and physically.”

What gave you the idea for this app?

“I actually had the idea for a marketplace for fitness plans back when I was in 10th grade. I totally forgot about it and then I came home from class one day to see my roommates jokingly talking about making an app. One thing led to another and all of a sudden I was creating designs for my fitness app. It’s crazy but that joking conversation led me to where I am today.”

 What have been some challenges of being a business owner?

“Everything. You never know enough people and never have enough money. I’m constantly struggling to keep myself afloat, let alone my business haha. People don’t understand how insane and 24/7 running a business can be.”

Tell me some neat features about this app! Why should my readers download this app?

“The app is just incredible and our update in January is going to be even better! Right now we are the only marketplace for fitness programs on the planet. We offer fitness plans from over 350 personal trainers. Check out the app and you can find a program that meets your exact needs. With new programs coming everyday and a beautiful interface you’ll never need another app.”

 The specific condition I write about is POTS, a type of dysautonomia that basically makes it hard for people to stand upright. I have found that exercise and weight lifting, although extremely difficult, is one of the best therapies for this condition.

1 – Would this app help people with dysautonomia?

2 – Are there any plans to extend the app to include features for things like physical therapy and recovery programs vs the typical just here to get ‘swoll’ stereotype that might scare some people away from gyms?

“1- Since we are an early stage app we don’t have any injury-specific programs; however, that’s something that we’re moving towards. With that being said, we have a lot of great core/abdominal programs you could benefit from.    * Cory just called me fat here*

2- We already have hundreds of programs that are against the typical ‘swoll’ stereotype and a lot of at-home plans as well! But yes, physical therapy is in our sites for the future. It will probably be a few years (we have a billion other things we’re trying to do) but a PT section of the app is in future for us somewhere.”

 Where would you like to see yourself be in 5 years? Both in your career and in life.

“In 5 years we hope to have a successful exit or sale of the app. It sounds ridiculous but we plan to build the app to be a billion dollar company. The combination of our social media, fitness app marketplace, the private training we’re adding, and more will bring up our value a lot over the years. After we sell the company, my goal is to start a charity. Not sure what it is yet but I want to employ myself full time to whatever it is so I can help as many people as possible.”

How are you making ends meet right now as you continue to invest almost all you have into this App? (what is your current job?).

“I currently wait tables in Venice beach and drive for Uber/Lyft. I’m constantly looking for other ways to make money while being able to run the app. I also invest about $1K a month myself into the app so money is always tight. My life is a little ridiculous but it’s fun.”

 Who do you got winning the NBA title this year?

“I would love to see the Lakers win it and they are super fun to watch…buttttt I think the Celtics will bring the heat this year. They killed it last year and without the Cavs standing in their way (plus Hayward is back) they should be able to beat Golden State.”


You can find PERFICT on the app store and google play!

perfict pic 2

Disclaimer- I was not paid or given any product/services for free. This review was made purely from my own will.


Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.

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