Post #19 – The Daily Grind

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 


Welcome everyone! It is officially no shave November! If you are participating this year, good luck. I will be giving it the ole college try. Thanks for tuning back in to the blog and remember to follow and share! I love hearing from readers and helping out in any way I can.


Part 1 –

I titled this blog post “The Daily Grind” because that is what life can be like sometimes. We all have our own issues we are dealing with and each day presents itself with new struggles. Having POTS comes with its own “neat” challenges. This past week I started a trial of not taking my beta blocker (which lowers my heart rate) to see how my body would react. *I did this because my doctor suggested it, NOT because I had a brilliant idea to try something new*

We agreed to give it a full week to see how my body would handle not being on this medication. Unfortunately, things did not go well. On day 2 I started developing a constant headache. By day 4 I was starting to struggle with pressure behind my eyes, headaches, and an elevated heart rate when standing (about 95 bpm, which is actually somewhat normal but still a lot higher than the 60 bpm when I am sitting and the 80ish bpm when I am standing while taking my medication). Day 5 I couldn’t take it anymore and I started the beta blocker again. So the verdict here was I still need help controlling my symptoms. Fortunately, within a couple days I was back to baseline.

Mornings are always the toughest for me. Nausea, stomach pain, and headaches are basically my everyday routine when I wake up. Here are a few tips I have learned to help manage these early morning road bumps.


1 – Before you get out of bed, sit up for 10 to 15 minutes first. Don’t go straight from laying down all night to standing vertical in one instant. Your body might do better if it has a few moments to slowly adjust.

2 – Have a glass a water sitting next to you bed to chug first thing. Helps to get that extra fluid in.

3 – Keep your sleeping routine consistent. Get the same hours of sleep each night. For me, that is exactly eight hours. Last night I only got seven hours and I almost puked this morning when I got up. Sounds weird I know, but that one more hour of sleep really settles my stomach and whatever else is going on in my body.

4 – Drink a carbonated water (like LaCroix or Bubbly) with breakfast. This really helps hydrate me and settle my stomach.

5 – Eat something with salt in it. Cheese is also nice too.


After I can get through my mornings, things usually get much smoother. Thank you Jesus!



One hobby of mine is collecting rewards, savings, and cash back using apps on my phone. Here are couple reward app reviews! (use the referral codes I mention for free stuff! Yes this benefits me too, but it is my blog and my rules).


Ibotta – Referral code: cfperjl

Ibotta is a cool app that gives you cash back for grocery items. You select the store you are shopping at, and then it shows you all the items at that store that currently have cash back opportunities. Ibotta pays you the cash directly through PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. You have to have a minimum of $20 to withdraw. You build a “shopping” team with friends and you a can earn bonus money by completing certain tasks. My complaint about this app would be that a lot of times there are no items with cash back opportunities that I want to buy. You almost have to plan ahead of time to get a couple items you normally wouldn’t get. But there are some good deals for sure. My lifetime earnings on this app are $114.57 since January 2016.

3 out of 5 stars DUDEWITHPOTS review.


Receipt Hog – No referral code

Receipt Hog is one of my favorite apps. Basically all you have to do is upload your receipt for any transaction. Grocery, gas, merchandise, dining, etc. It gives you coins based on the amount of your receipt. The extra neat feature of this app are spins that you earn on the “Hog Slots” machine where you can win more coins. You also earn coins and spins by reaching certain levels of experience on the app. These coins can then be cashed in for money on PayPal, Amazon, or a Prepaid Visa. The current cash outs are 1000 coins for $5, 2900 coins for $15, 4300 coins for $25, or 6500 coins for $40. My lifetime earnings on this app are $40 since September 2017.

4 out of 5 stars DUDEWITHPOTS review.


Disclaimer- I was not paid or given any product/services for free. This review was made purely from my own will.


Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.


P.S – Rach and I at a wedding a couple weeks ago! I love weddings!


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