Post #20 – Diets and Dodgeball

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Happy Thanksgiving all 😊 Hope my readers have been doing well and enjoying life. This week is all about being thankful and appreciating the little things. Remember to follow by signing up with your email! Please enjoy.


Part 1 – Hot take on “Diets”

I am currently in this awesome stage of life where my metabolism has slowed down, I don’t play sports 5 times a week anymore, and I sit at a desk all day. Some things have not changed at all though, such as my appetite. This has created a perfect storm for me to gain some weight. *Not an absurd amount mind you. Just enough to make the scale a little confused ha ha*.

I wish I could say something about having POTS requires you to eat lots of salt and salty foods are generally bad for you and blah blah etc. etc. but the reality is going through McDonald’s for breakfast or the latte from Starbucks is not helping ANYTHING.

I decided a little over a month ago to start focusing on getting the poundage down a bit around the ole waistline, and that involves exercising and dieting. I already exercise a pretty solid amount (another post on that someday), so I have looked into dietary changes. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Diets are awful. Respect to people who actually commit to and follow a diet. This is not a dis on diets blog post. This is a “Jarod is not strong enough to follow a diet so this is what he is doing to lose weight” blog post.

To begin let me just say since I started consciously focusing on losing weight about 45 days ago. And in that time frame I have lost a whopping 8 lbs. *Side note not gonna tell you guys how much I weigh. But it is less than Shaq*. So basically all that to say I am not claiming to be an expert. Just a guy who hates dieting that has lost 8 pounds and is willing to share the inside info on how you (YES EVEN YOU) can see these kind of “incredible” results too.

Tip #1 – Keep a journal (or phone diary) of every calorie you eat or drink. Every day. Every single calorie. There are lots of website that will tell you exactly how many calories you need to intake in order to lose, maintain, or gain weight. I have found that it is astonishing how many times a day you eat a quick snack, and those snacks add up. REAL QUICK. Counting calories helps to say no to a few of those snacks.

Tip #2 – Sneak a walk in every day. I used an online calculator to discover a one mile walk (taking about 18 min) burns 114 calories for me. That is a serving of chips that just got burned off!

Tip #3 – Weigh yourself every day. I know this sounds dumb, and most advice will tell you do not do this. But I have to say it motivates you to keep eating better. How can you not feel obligated to lose weight when the scale tells you every single night how fat you are (sorry for the sensitive minded out there, fat is what we are trying to lose here!).

Tip #4 – Avoid Donuts. Ok try to limit to one a week haha. These are so bad for you. But maple bars are my kryptonite.

Tip #5 – Limit the alcohol. For reals. Just not the best thing to be putting in your body to begin with, but 6 beers can quickly add up to 1000 calories if you aren’t careful. And you bloat after a night of drinking, which makes you look larger than a loaded baked potato. That being said, I do like a good beer. But as I always say, “If weight is what you wanna lose, you GOTTA limit your intake of booze!”.

Tip # 6 – Honestly losing weight is all about making good choices. Some people will struggle more than others. Some people have POTS and will have specific things they can and cannot do. Some people have different goals. Best of luck!


Part 2 – Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family. Mainly because we get both my mom’s AND dad’s side of the family in attendance. One of my favorite traditions has always been the family “athletic” event on Thanksgiving day. A quick history of the Gunning Family Thanksgiving Day Athletic Event.

2000-2003: Backyard Football Game. This was the classic turkey bowl. Uncles and cousins giving it everything they had in the battle of the gridiron. Ultimately this event lasted three years, and ended in the most tragic of ways. It was the great SNOW bowl, and my team had the ball for the final possession. We ran a textbook lateral to the running back (which was me) and I threw a perfect pass to my cousin Luke for the win. He was like 6 years old. The ball nailed him in the face and he cried and we stopped playing football.

2003-2009: Basketball Game. After the tragedy that was the SNOW bowl, we moved the athletic event inside for a fun game of basketball. Over the next few years we laced up the sneakers and got the jump shots primed. Typically we played a two on two tournament, drawing for random teams. And a couple of times we just played 5 on 5 games (after having invited half of our small town we lived in to participate). Everyone still remembers the year Uncle Ed and I took home the title.

2010: Return of the Football Game. For one year we brought back the legendary football game. Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Friends, everyone was involved. Even Uncle Ed (now pushing the limits well past his athletic peak) even made a heroic catch for a touchdown. My dad was diving for fumbles. My brother was his typical worthless self (jokes he probably did really good). I set some backyard football records. Everyone was impressed.

2011 – Present: Dodgeball. For the last several years, the family athletic event has turned into a huge game of life or death dodgeball. We start a few weeks before Thanksgiving talking trash to each other. Uncle Troy usually starts crying. An hour or so after Thanksgiving dinner we draw for teams, and all head into the gym. In an epic best of 7 series, we dodge duck dip dive and dodge our way into the family history books. There are no records on file, but legend has it my team is 7-0.


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Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.


P.S – Thanksgiving dodgeball 2017!


Thanksgiving 2017

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