Post #21 –  Salty Foods and Salty Moods

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 


Hey hey hey. Thanks for joining me in another edition of DUDE WITH POTS, a blog. As always, I appreciate the reader support and please go ahead and give the blog a follow with your email! I enjoy each and every contact I have received reaching out for more info on this condition or just to say hi. Keep it up.

I would also like to just give a quick update on previous blog post. Some of you might remember the post on MOVIE PASS, where I gave it a very positive review. Well I now take back everything I said. Unfortunately, this program was indeed too good to be true. They have changed the program to be only a couple of select movies and only on the days they allow you to go. If you want a more realistic option, I would suggest going with AMC’s $20 a month plan that lets you see 3 movies a week.


Part 1 – Salty Foods

At the request of one of my readers, I will be giving you the inside scoop on some great ways to get your intake of salty foods. This is of course intended for those suffering with a condition like POTS and/or low blood pressure, where sodium can increase your blood volume. A large intake in salty foods can actually be really bad for the rest of you and my personal (although completely unprofessional) opinion would be to cut back on our salty foods haha. I wouldn’t wish a chronic illness on anyone, but sometimes I do feel fortunate that one of the treatments for POTS is “eat a crap ton of salt”. BECAUSE I LOVE SALT. Most health guidelines recommend that average adult intake about 2,000 mg of sodium a day. My doctor recommended I aim for 10,0000 mg a day. At that level you actually have to work at it. Here are some of my favorite salty foods!


Bouillon Cubes – Yeah I mix one of these bad boys into a cup of a hot water. It is like drinking top ramen broth. For most people it is probably really bad for you. For me it gets me back in the game! Plus I love the taste.

Cheese Sticks – “Ounce per ounce, your average cheese packs as much sodium as a salt-filled bag of potato chips.” –

Pickles – According to Google, one medium dill pickle gives you 785mg of sodium. That is almost 40% of the suggested daily amount for a typical person. I even have been known to drink the brine straight. Good stuff. Pickles are also very low in calories so they are good if you are trying to lose weight too.

Salted Plantain Chips – Relatively speaking, these don’t have a TON of salt, but they taste fantastic. I like to buy them in the bulk section at the grocery store. They are dangerous though. You can’t stop eating them once you start.

Sunflower Seeds – Another one of my fav snacks. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting if you let me.

Processed Foods – Yikes. Not good on the gut, but great for sodium intake. Canned Soups, Jerky Sticks, Pizza’s etc.

Gatorade – GATORRRRADE. 180mg of sodium in a 16oz bottle. Great for drinking after working out.


I also always try to take few bags of salty snacks with me whenever I am traveling. Cheez its, chips, pretzels, Gardetto’s, and the likes. They are handy to give an extra boost and also come in super handy if you are just hungry in general 😊 Be careful because you will gain weight from eating these things!!! *Super secret – Your non-POTS friends will also want to help you eat these snacks*.



Part 2 – Salty Moods



Salty – “Being salty is when you are upset over something little.”

Ha ha ha you all know what this means. YOU ALL get a little salty from time to time. Especially my guy Kramer who I just beat in fantasy football last week. SUPER SALTY. *just messing he couldn’t care less*

I have a bad habit of getting salty over minute things. Especially with Rachel… *I told her I wouldn’t write about our marriage on here too much because it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, but this is more about me than it is our day to day life haha*. A few things that make me extra salty

Being late to things.

Not having a plan.

Not sticking to a budget.

People who say they hate the NBA without knowing anything about the NBA.

The NCAA getting rich off the college players.

Hypocrites. *Including myself*


Just to name a few. Rachel could go on for days about things I do that make her (and often times lots of other people) salty. I like waiting to do the dishes till the sink is full… I have a really high pitched voice I talk to my cats with… My brother gets super duper salty every time he plays me in 1 on 1 basketball because he always loses.

The moral of this post is that we could all benefit from avoiding some of the metaphorical “salt” in our lives. EXACTLY zero of us will live this life forever. We should spend our time dealing with bigger things. The metaphorical “pepper” if you will.


“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” – Philippians 2:3. Paul writes this in his letter to the Christ followers at Philippi, emphasizing the importance of imitating Christ’s humility.

Paul is not talking about sports rivalries. You can whoop up on a team in a game of football, but still show them respect as humans. He is saying don’t get salty at your neighbors. Love your friends, family, coworkers, literal neighbors, community members, and each person as if they are more significant than yourself. Being salty is getting overly upset at LITTLE TINY STUPID things.

There is a big difference between holding someone accountable and being salty. If you have to ask which one it is, you are probably being salty.

When was the last time a friend did or said something to you that made you want to punch them? *Maybe this is just me? Maybe this post should have been about anger*. Was it worth getting all worked up about it? Stop being so salty. As the health doctor will tell you, you gotta limit that salt to under 2000 mg a day!!!


Disclaimer- I was not paid or given any product/services for free. This review was made purely from my own will.


Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.

P.S – The Gunning Men getting a little salty from losing at dodgeball


2 thoughts on “Post #21 –  Salty Foods and Salty Moods

  1. I have never commented to your blog. Never wanted to. BUT… the “salty” text has me intrigued.
    I like the way you have laid this out. In my younger days many moons ago I did not understand when or why I was being “salty”. Then I realized…and thought about it for a long time actually… that when you are “salty”, especially to your spouse, you are really just trying to hurt that person’s feelings. Is that what you really want to do? Usually someone doesn’t get salty over little things until the “little things” keep happening, over and over again. Well… by now you should realize you are not going to change that behavior. It is a done deal. You married into it. SO.. instead of trying to HURT the feelings of that person, why don’t you just accept it as a very special part of that person, and love it as much as you love that person. There is something to be said for a person who can LOVE those annoying habits/quirks when no one else can/will. Every time you speak that high pitched voice… she can either hate you for it, get “salty” over it, or she can say to herself… I don’t want to hurt him. I love him. I would hate for him to feel hurt over something SO LITTLE. Don’t shake the salt, pour the love! 🙂


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