Post #33 – Pilates, a manly review.

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 


Another post in a short span. This can only mean one thing! I have great stuff to share and write about. Life changing some would say 😉 Without further ado, the DudeWithPOTS review of my Pilates experience with Inertia6!


Part 1 – We laughed, we cried, we “Pilate”ied.

Me and a young, in excellent shape, manly group of gentlemen had the privilege this last weekend of getting a private Pilates mat class at the Inertia6 studio. *Also could add extremely good looking to the adjectives describing our group, but figured that was obvious* This review is a collection of thoughts, observations, things said during the class, and takeaways from our experience. DISCLAIMER: This is from a group of guys who knew nothing about Pilates and had never done it before. There were some major incorrect assumptions about what Pilates was. The following review is not intended to offend or rub anyone the wrong way. It is just the honest thoughts of a naïve group of men.


Thoughts prior to our Pilates sessions:

This will be like a meditation exercise where we relax and find our inner peace (WRONG).

“Pilates is a funny word. I can’t take you seriously when you say it.” (MISTAKE)

“Are we allowed to drink beer while we do Pilates?” (NO)

“I hope we are in the advanced class, because I bet beginner will be too easy.” (YIKES)

Pilates is only for girls. This is silly that a group of guys signed up for this. (OUCH and WRONG)


My Review

Pilates was an absolute blast. And I mean that in every aspect of the word. It was like an explosion right from the start. We worked our abs, our “power house” muscles, quads, chest, hammys, glutes, arms, you name it we worked it. I think what was really the most eye opening for me was the amount of body strengthening and conditioning you can do in just one place without any heavy weights. I walked (or rather hobbled) away from the session sorer than I had been in a very long time. And I loved it. It was like a jam packed whole body core workout in 45 min. I felt like a was a famous actor getting trained by my celebrity trainer and I needed to lose 100 lbs in order to be in the movie haha. What was also REALLY nice was 99% of the exercises were done laying down on the mat. So anyone suffering from conditions that don’t allow them to exercise upright definitely can do Pilates. There are also loads of specifically designed machines used in Pilates for further core workouts that were in the studio, but this session was just a mat class. We got a tour of the place and some demos of how the equipment worked, and let me say I will be signing up for another class very soon to give this stuff a try! 😊


Observations made during our class:

Not bringing water was a mistake.

“I didn’t even know it was possible to work out your hip flexors”

Going to the bar last night is not helping


Really wish I woulda brought some water.

“My muscles are shaking I am so tired.”

We really need to work out more.

“I think I might just lay here for this one guys…not sure I can do it”.

Some water would be nice.

Pilates IS NOT a meditation class.


Takeaways from our first time doing Pilates:

We had several takeaways from our first ever Pilates class. I narrowed it down to the top 5 most inspirational and meaningful.

  1. Pilates is a full body workout and beneficial for people of any fitness level, age, or gender.


  1. Despite some skepticism towards Pilates, every single member of our group agreed that the class was well worth it, and we were incredibly satisfied with the workout. 6 out of the 6 guys in the group said they were happy they agreed to wake up early and participate.


  1. Everyone has their own “cup of tea” when it comes to exercising and workout out, but multiple members of our group are looking into further Pilates sessions.


  1. It has been 5 days since the session and I am still sore. We were humbled at what Pilates takes to do.


  1. Pilates is the real deal.


Disclaimer- I was not paid or given any product/services for free. This review was made purely from my own will. This class was paid for by the participates in the group.


Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS

2 thoughts on “Post #33 – Pilates, a manly review.

  1. Absolutely, in love with this review! So many people have the same misconceptions about Pilates before they try it. I’m thrilled that you guys came in, worked your butts off, and changed your thinking! You guys were were so fun to teach, you’re welcome back any time. Thank you for spreading the good word about Pilates!

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