Post #35 – What do I appreciate?

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 


Hello hello hello! Welcome back and sorry for the extended absence. Spent the last few weeks working on some projects and pondering life 😉 I guess the most exciting news I have to share is that the Dude With POTS is going to be the DAD With POTS! Yep that’s right, I will be entering the world of parenthood late this summer. I am sure this will open up a whole new realm of blog possibilities. In the meantime, enjoy this update on my trial of Parasym Plus™ and a hot take on things I appreciate


Part 1 – Parasym Plus™

I was given a sweet opportunity to do a 30 day trial on the vagus nerve support supplement Parasym Plus™. During this trial I did not discontinue my prescribed medications and I continued to do my exercise program. My experience on this supplement was an overall good one with a couple main improvements in symptoms.

The BIG one for me was that I noticed by dry eyes improved substantially. Almost every day I wake up in the morning battling scratchy dry eyes. After about a week into my trial, I noticed a great deal of relief from this. I also noticed my eyes didn’t feel as tried overall and that they almost (ALMOST) felt good haha. Unsurprisingly, after my trial ended, it only took a few days before my dry eyes came back. Actually as I am typing this right now, my eyes feel like cow manure. Dried cow manure.

I also felt like I was able to get away with eating (and yes drinking lol) a few a more things than I normally do. My stomach can be a wild card. Sometimes I eat nachos and a milkshake and feel great. Other times I eat a salad and my stomach lays an egg. But regardless, during the trial I had an improvement in my digestion. Might be a coincidence. Might be Parasym Plus™.

Those were the two takeaways I had from my trial. I could see this being a potential tool in my treatment plan in the future. Right now it is too hard for me to verify positive outcomes while I am on my magic concoction of POTS meds, so I will be consulting with my medical professional during my next appointment.  As I posted previously, if you are interested in giving it a trial yourself, please see the shop page and use the discount code DudeWithPOTS.


Disclaimer- I was not paid for the following post. This was created purely from my own opinions and is my own review. I was given one free sample bottle of Parasym Plus™.


Part 1 – Appreciation Post 2k19

Here is a hot take on things a 27 year old, father to be, young stallion in the prime of this life, sure appreciates in his day to day dealings. The Dude With POTS 2k19 appreciation list:


Subtle Things I Appreciate:

1 – The free shuttle to work when you drop your car off to get the oil changed at the car dealership. I know I know, “You don’t change your own oil?”. Come on it’s 2019 and I live the city. Nobody has time for that unless you are a farmer living on the farm doing farm things. But seriously this shuttle is the bees knees. Takes me to work AND picks me up. So I pay a little extra in having the oil changes at the dealership. Worth it for this free shuttle and the free coffee.

2 – A good happy hour deal. You know what I’m talking about. Half off appetizers and $3 draft beers. I’m there.

3 – When a nice guy catches a break. We live in world that just isn’t fair. The bad guys prosper and the good guys get picked on. Wait, the world has always been this way. How cool is it when the best people you know have something good happen to them? The single mom pizza delivery gal gets surprised with that $500 tip. The old man who worked 50 years at the fast food restaurant gets his retirement paid for by the community. Dude With POTS gets 1 more follower on his blog…. Ha ha just kidding 😊

4 – A Saturday with no plans. Imagine this. You wake up on your own, with no help from an alarm clock. You walk out to the living room and lay down on the couch and turn on Netflix. MAYBE you get up a couple hours later and do some yard work. MAYBE. You eat some pizza for breakfast. You eat some pizza for lunch. Then heck you mise as well go out to pizza for dinner. You come home, and stay up late until you fall asleep watching Saturday Night Live. I have been told this fantasy doesn’t exist when you have kids. But we will see…

5 – Cash back rewards on a credit card. Also will accept “Airline miles from a credit card”. As long as you are using your cards responsibly, this is like FREE MONEY.

6 – Intersections that have a turn only lane and/or a green turn arrow.  Ok ok, this one is more a frustration with the opposite of this. Getting stuck behind a line of cars that can’t turn because it is a “yield to oncoming traffic” light… who even thought of this? Dude With POTS for president 2020, running on a campaign of getting all intersections adjusted into turn light capable.

6.b – Slow rigs that pull over and let me pass. God bless you pure hearted children of our creator.

7 – True pals that give you the family discount at their business. 50% off this…50% off that…buy one get five free on those…love it all. Nothing feels quite like saving money on a big expenditure AND getting told you are like family to your day 1 (or sometimes 1 day ago) homie.

8 – When there is nobody behind you on the golf course. Maybe this one is just me (due to my below average golf skills). I hate feeling rushed, especially when I am trying to sink this chip shot for a 10 on this par 3. Looking back and seeing an open course behind me gives me that TIGER WOODS confidence.


Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS

P.S. fresh picture of another thing I appreciate, my excellent craftsmanship in the fence I’m building.



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