Post #36 – The Dad

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice.

Greetings! It has been a hot second since I dropped another blog entry. Spring 2019 has been a busy one. Which is good. It means I have things to do and purpose in life. Thanks for reading!! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments 😊. Follow and share.

3 parts this time!

Part 1 – POTS update

Part 2 – The Dad

Part 3 – Ridge Wallet Review

Part 1 – POTS update

A couple weeks ago I made my biannual trip over to the University of Washington to see my life safer POTS doc. The trip itself turned out to be a disaster. On the way over (it is about a 4 hour drive), I got a flat tire. The last time I got one of those was in 2008. I WAS 16. I have gone 11 years without getting a flat tire, I was starting to think I was flat tire invincible. Anyways…1 hour of after-hours Les Schwab service charges and a 45 min wait on the side of the highway later, I was up and driving again. (I know what your thinking, “oh wow oh boy Jarod can’t even change a tire wow what a guy”. But jokes on you, I didn’t have a spare tire in my car. Because I’m flat tire immune remember?). This little incident cost me a pretty penny.

Appointment wise, it went great. My heart rate was 73 laying down, and 93 after standing for 5 minutes. Technically under the threshold for POTS, but I am on medication 😊 Anyway, we decided to try another trial of removing PYRIDOSTIGMINE from my daily med dose. He says that I seem to be adjusting to life with POTS and he wasn’t sure how much it was actually helping me now. *I have been off the stuff for a week and half now and seem to be doing okay. I was lifting weight last night and went through some dizzy spells, but that could be due to my garage gym being 1000 degrees*. For those keeping track on the POTS meds list, I am still on my beta blocker and buspirone.

He also agreed that from now on we can start doing yearly appointments through the patient portal. This way I don’t have to keep driving over so often.

So overall good news! I am functioning and beating this crap show that is POTS.

Part 2 – The DAD

Guys it continues to happen each day. Despite my best efforts, I am evolving into The Dad. So many places I could start with this. The Home Depot is my favorite store. Let me say that again…

I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF HOME DEPOT. It’s bad. I have an addiction. Rachel doesn’t want me going there because I spend all our money. I go in for a box of screws and leave with a cart full of tools, hoses, tarps, gloves, etc. You know how they say you shouldn’t “aisle shop” when grocery shopping? You should have your list and stick to it? “Dads” should not be allowed to aisle shop in Home Depot.

I’m also greedy. I have one electric power drill, and I want a couple more. Why you ask? So people can come over and help me with projects haha. One of my favorite games to play is “why rent or borrow a tool when you can just buy one?”. I’m a huge fan of this game. Rachel not so much. Most recently I went and bought bolt cutters (apparently some locks weren’t meant for outside and can rust shut? Who would have thought). And while I was there buying bolt cutters, why not throw in a wheelbarrow… *in all seriousness I do make “mostly” educated, financially mature decisions on these purchases. It is just project season right now 😉*

Pro tip, this does not just apply to Home Depot. Other acceptable stores include (but are not limited to) Lowes, Ace Hardware, Harbor Freight, The General Store, Savemore Building Supply, and even certain sections of Fred Meyer.

It isn’t just tools. I have become overprotective of my yard. I wish I was joking about what I am going to say next. A few weeks ago I actually had this thought cross my mind while I was outside doing some yard work. “I wish the neighbor kids would GET OFF MY LAWN”. Yikes. First off, let me just apologize to the neighbor kids. 2nd of all wow who am I, Clint Eastwood in Gran Tarino? Please neighbor kids, use the hell out of my yard. That’s why I have it. My back yard is fenced and will require you to know the secret password to enter…

Big question though…DO I EVEN BBQ? Yes I do. Working on it though. My own father never taught me how to bbq a steak so it’s a work in process. *my own dad is kick ass and I had zero interest growing up wanting to learn how to cook a steak. Ball was life 24/7 until high school ended and realized was not Kobe Bryant*

Moral of this story is the evolution into “The Dad” is inevitable. Some evolve sooner than others. Some don’t even need a child of their own *we all know that one person who has been “The Dad” since day 1*. I personally have a kiddo on the way so that like half counts. But regardless IT WILL HAPPEN. You can’t run from it. Just embrace it.

Part 3 – Ridge Wallet


Let me introduce to a life changing concept. Front Pocket Wallets.

Tired of sitting on a lump all day long? You may even already carry your regular wallet in your front pocket just for this reason (I did). That is why I made the incredible decision switch over from “old faithful” to the Ridge Wallet.

The Ridge Wallet is *straight from their website* slim, RFD blocking, durable, light, strong, minimalist designed, maximum utility.

Let’s do a run down on the details.

Slim – This wallet is thin. It is essentially going to be the thickness of however many cards you hold in it. No bulky leather. No folds. No nonsense.


RFD Blocking – Basically all you need to know is that if your cards are in this wallet while you are on the game floors gambling in Vegas, no one can scan you pocket with their high-tech sensors and steal your card info.

Durable – I drop mine at least twice a week. I even ran over it with a bicycle once. Still functioning.

Light – Again, it will only weigh as much as the cards you put in it, and the cash you hold in the strap/clip. My bad that could actually be hundreds of pounds…

Strong – See Durable.

Minimalist Designed – This is the hard one to come to terms with. You will not be able to carry all the other GARBAGE that is in your wallet right now. No business cards (you can fold them and insert them but they are hard to get out), no receipts (same thing), no coins, no pics of all your kids. You just carry what you need. Cards and cash.

Maximum Utility – Once you get used to using the Ridge Wallet (which yes it does take some getting used to), this thing is crazy efficient. It comfortably sits in your pocket, you don’t have to sit on it all day, you can whip out credit cards all day long super-duper fast, I have never lost it, and it hasn’t worn out on me yet. I have had mine for almost two years now. Plus it is also kinds of slick so it spins on a counter top like a fidget spinner haha. Here is mine.

Jarod Ridge

Your wallet game is looking for that next level. Use this link to get 15% off.

Disclaimer- I was not paid or given any product/services for free. This review was made purely from my own will.

Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS

P.S. The Oasis is complete.


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