Post #40 – Good Vibes and the Good Old Days

This summer has been crazy. Let me warn any of you thinking about having a baby…life doesn’t stop while you are pregnant. Almost every weekend this summer it has been something else. Weekends at the river, two bachelor parties, multiple weddings (one of which I am in), house projects, baby prep, birthdays, literally I haven’t even had two minutes to spray my house for spiders yet this season. And I realized this last night as Rachel almost pooed her pants when she saw the eight-legged crawler on our ceiling plotting his next victim.

But that is life. A couple years ago Rachel and I would spend our weekends alone at our apartment praying for friends. It wasn’t that we didn’t have friends, we just didn’t have any living in the same city as us. Life after college can be lonely. Everyone goes their own ways, people getting jobs, and other lame stuff like that. We would crack open a couple drinks and sit down to a pretty crazy game of scrabble.

Now we have no issues finding something to do. We have TOO much to do. I have had to say no to plans for the like the first time in my life and it is really a buzz kill. But that is what really living is all about. Making the most of every day.

There is a Macklemore song that came out somewhat recently called “Good Old Days”. I am too lazy to go look up the exact line, but there is a part that mentions something about wishing you could have known they were the ‘good old days’ while you were living them. That is a neat thought to ponder on. Times always seem better when you look back on them, but maybe telling yourself these are the good old days right now will help you cherish each day a little more. I have been trying to keep that line of thinking on my mind this summer as life has been total chaos.

Living that go go go lifestyle is also challenging as Rachel is progressively getting more pregnant lol She is beautiful and glowing and is a rockstar. But a good rule of thumb is to have a place she can take a power nap anywhere we go. I also like naps. My belly is also getting bigger. Am I pregnant too? I wish I could say I have some awesome advice for how to be fun and social while also being responsible parents to be…but I have none. Just let the good vibes head your way and know you are living in the good old days.

Top 5 tips for soaking in the Good Vibes this 2nd half of summer 2k19

  1. Read a book. You will feel smarter and better about yourself. And that is what good vibes is all about right? You.
  2. “There’s only one way to get in the water”. I don’t even really know what this means, but it is the battle cry my good pal says when he jumps into a cold lake. And he is the epitome of good vibes. So I guess what I am saying is an idea doesn’t have to start out as a good idea to end up being one. Sometimes there is only one way to find out.
  3. If you ain’t first, your last. FALSE. Nothing wrong with 2nd place…or 22nd place, if it means you got to enjoy a couple drinks with friends or spend time with your family. No person ever died saying “I wish I would have spent more time in the office”. As my good pal would also say in regard to this, “Be more Sloth”.
  4. Don’t get too relaxed though. It is important to have goals and try to meet them. Good vibes are powerful and can help you accomplish many great things. Write down some goals and wrap your mind around them as you lay in the sun. Seriously, get out a piece of paper right now and do it. Think about these goals and how you want to use all of the good vibes headed your way to achieve them.
  5. In order to receive good vibes, you have to participate in sending good vibes. Not to be confused with prayers of course, but sending those on your mind some good vibes will allow you to enter the realm of good vibes and thus be open for getting some in return. It is a community of good vibes! Go get some! *none of this is even remotely factual*






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