Post #42 – Rise and Grind

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Howdy to all readers! Good to have you back again! Adjusting to life as the DadWithPOTS and things are going wonderful. Thanks for all the support on my last post 😊 Being a dad has been the greatest. Enjoy the post!


Rise and Grind!

Recently my dad, brother, and I read a book by Daymond John (one of the guys on Shark Tank) called “Rise and Grind”.

*Side note – Reading books is a lost art. Gotta read more. Put a book by your bedside and read a chapter before you go to bed. You will get smarter. I promise. Tweet me @jarodgunning1 if you get dumber from a book*

The book was ok. It got me thinking about what it takes to get motivated in life. And also what we SHOULD be motivated about. I think the most common carrot on the stick (and definitely the main theme in Daymond’s book) is money. If anybody tells you they aren’t at least slightly motivated by money, they are either someone you should completely model your life after…or a liar. Anyways, this book was all about how to strive for success and how to have this “Rise and Grind” mentality. This means “Rising” up earlier than everyone else, and “Grinding” the hard work that you need to get done to meet your goals. I try my best to gain something positive each time I read a book, so here are my top three RISE and GRIND truths I took away this time.

1 – Know your worth. There is a difference between being arrogant and being confident. Find that sweet spot in life where you aren’t getting walked all over by someone, but also you stay realistic about your goals. I believe in pushing yourself and continually looking for the next challenge. Just make sure you don’t put yourself on any pedestals. Also, your worth is more that just a paycheck. You are worth being treated with respect no matter what you do for living.

2 – There is always something you can be doing to better yourself. Even long-term goals have small baby steps that can be accomplished each day. You can sit and complain about not making enough money, or weighing too much, but what did you do today to put yourself in situation to change that? Educate yourself online or work towards that certification that will hopefully get you a promotion. Or go on that run to start losing weight. Don’t waste this day.

3 – Put yourself in situations to find some good luck. Almost every success story I read in this book had at least one thing in common. THEY GOT REALLY LUCKY. Their business idea completely took off and made them rich, their band rose to the top of the charts and made them famous, or they just were simply in the right place at the right time and got offered a big money deal. Most of us probably won’t be multi-billionaires in our lives. If you want something extraordinary to happen in your life, you have to go looking for the extraordinary. You can’t be in the “right place at the right time” if you are never at any place at all. Go to the company happy hour in case the boss shows up and is looking to give someone a promotion 😉. Go to church in case God sends you a calling that day. Write a chapter of that novel and publish on social media for feedback. Set yourself up to get lucky. RISE AND GRIND.

Ultimately, I kind of disagreed with Daymond on most of his attempts at motivating. I believe in the saying “No one ever laid on their death bed wishing they had spent more time in the office”. Money is enticing and I know there are lots of opportunities and doors that open up for a person when they have money. But I also noticed a lot of the people in this book only spent a few minutes each day with their family. One chapter talked about a guy who mentioned how important the 15 minutes (or something like that) he got to spend each night with his daughter before she went to bed. ARE YOU JOKING ME? 15 minutes is a sad amount of time if that is all you are spending each night with your daughter. I will tell you what. My son motivates me now. I have a desire to make more money and grow in my career, and I will try and “Rise and Grind” to make that happen. But mostly in the context of what that would mean for him, and for sure NOT at the expense of our relationship.

Maybe you don’t have a family of your own yet. I still believe that what motivates you has to be more than money. You have to have dreams that involve bettering yourself and making a difference in the world. GO GET THAT BREAD while you are young, but stay humble and keep the big picture in the scope of your goals. You are mortal and you can’t take a single penny with you when you die. You can however, leave a legacy.


Thanks for reading! Remember to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas for blogs!


Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.


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