Post #49 – Talking over the Holidays 101

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Hiya! Welcome welcome. I sure love writing these. I sure hope you love reading these. As always, like follow share comment or feel free to message me directly. Issue #49 of inside the mind of DudeWithPOTS. *Update, my POTS is doing well. I had a cold this week and it made my dry eyes and stomach pain flare up. But I did this incredible thing where I didn’t worry about it, didn’t think I was dying, and I am basically 100% again*

Talking over the Holidays 101

Society is wild right now. Some of you older readers with way more experience might have been through crazy stuff in your day. But I bet even you haven’t seen anything quite like what our world is going through right now. CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, the newly famous One America News….remember that scene from Anchorman where all the news people meet up at the park and have a battle royal? And literally kill each other? Well that more or less is actually happening right now. Cuomo vs Tucker. CNN vs One America News. Dumb vs Dumb.

Lately I have been getting into more and more political talks with people. Probably because we have nothing better to do anymore. This post is NOT about my stance on things. It is about the conversations being had across the country.

Do you remember the classic saying about going to dinner at someone’s house? “DON’T TALK ABOUT SEX, POLITICS, and RELIGION”. I think a better saying is “Don’t talk about anything that you aren’t willing to eat crow about”. *That’s also another saying I don’t really get. “Eat crow”. I’m too lazy to look it up. But basically it means you were proved to me wrong after you were so adamant about being right.* I think America NEEDS to have these conversations. We NEED to be having conversations about sexuality and gender. We NEED to be having conversations about Trump vs Biden. We NEED to be have conversations about Jesus, Muhammed, and Buddha. Why? Because we are all in this life together. And it’s really the only way to get smarter. IQ wise.

So here is my DudeWithPOTS tips and advice for having those tough convos over the holidays. Over zoom of course.

1. If you choose to enter a conversation of the big 3 (Sex, Politics, Religion), you HAVE to be ok with being called dumb. I mean it. Any argument will involve both sides saying “People that think this way are wrong”. And if you get told you think wrong, you will feel dumb. My father in law and I were having a nice discussion about stars and planets one time. Anytime I open my mouth I have learned to be prepared to “eat crow”. I started spitting out some things I thought I knew about stars. My dad in law (love you!) was quick to fire back “No. you are wrong!”. And then stated what he thought was the factual explanation for what we were talking about. I just kinda shrugged it off and thought ah he has no idea what he is talking about. Well I did some google research later and sure enough I was wrong. Very wrong. *side note my father in law is a smart man. He probably wont open his mouth unless he knows what he is talking about. Someday I will get him 😊* Moral of this story is you can’t be hurt by those conversations. You will either learn something or educate. But you don’t know until the talk is over

2. If your goal is to change someone’s mind, STOP. Just Stop. You won’t succeed. Your motive should be purely intellectual entertainment. And being ok with you most likely being in the minority for how you feel or think.

3. Make sure to not be in hurry. It is rude to argue and leave. Argue and discuss. Then hug. And share a 6 pack of beer. Or Kombucha! (love you dad in law).

4. Listening is a lot more courageous than speaking.

5. Santa is off limits.

Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.

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