Post #52 – The Greatest Generation

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Hello and welcome back. We are finally in 2021. NEED THIS. I would like to share a special blog post today. I have a cousin (in-law) turned 107 today. You read that right. 107.  This is an ACTUAL LIVING PERSON. BORN IN  1914. Her name is Mabel and she is a national treasure. I have had the privilege of getting to listen to her stories a few times and I am sure she has had experiences that would blow your mind. But I thought it would be fun to cover just what exactly it means to be turning 107….Let’s take a journey through time! Over the last few days I have been reading on Wikipedia the major events of each year since 1914. I have created a recap of all the historical moments she was alive for and how old she would have been.

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The Greatest Generation

*Prelude – This post took the most time and effort of any one yet. This post is best read when you have time to truly appreciate the moments. Grab a snack. Run a hot bath. Get cozy. I think it is interesting to find the section that shows what was going on when Mabel was your age.*

Jan 1914 – Mabel is born. WW1 STARTS that summer. (NOT WW2. The first one). Babe Ruth makes his major league debut.  Woodrow Wilson is president.

1915-1919: Age (1 to 5). Harry Houdini was performing. Einstein presents his theory of relativity. J.R.R. Tolkien gets married. William Boeing forms an air products company. The “40 hour work week” is implemented. Folk legend Rasputin is killed. The Spanish Flu (1918 flu pandemic), Time zones are created, WW1 ends.  Teddy Roosevelt dies. Oregon becomes the first state to impose a gasoline tax. The Grand Canyon becomes a national park. Benito Mussolini forms his Italian Fascist party. Women get the right to vote in America. Babe Ruth is traded to the Yankees for $125,000.

1920 – 1924: Age (6 to 10). Prohibition starts. The Nazi Party is formed. The Spanish Flu ends. The Olympic Symbol of 5 interlocking rings is created. The U.S. post office decides children cannot be mailed anymore. Gandhi launches the Non-Cooperation Movement. The APFA (American Professional Football Association) is formed which will eventually become what we all the NFL. Warren G. Harding is elected president (in the first ever presidential election where women got to vote). The first golf international is held (US vs UK). The Tulsa Race massacre. Insulin is discovered. The first radio broadcast of a professional baseball game. Franklin Roosevelt gets polio. White Castle hamburgers opens the first ever fast food chain. The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated. The Rose Bowl stadium opens. King Tut’s tomb is discovered. Picasso is growing famous. The first ever aircraft carrier is commissioned. Time magazine releases first issue. Warner Bros is founded. The Hollywood sign is built. Poncho Villa is killed. Calvin Coolidge becomes president after Harding suffers a stoke. The Walt Disney Company is founded. The first United States hockey team joins the NHL (the Boston Bruins). President Coolidge becomes the first president to broadcast a speech over the radio. Hoover is appointed head of the FBI. Native Americans are granted U.S. citizenship. The first galaxy other than the Milky Way is discovered (Andromeda). The American Indian Wars finally come to an end.

1925 – 1929: Age (11 to 15). The first appearance of Bootleg Pete, the oldest active Disney cartoon character. The Great Gatsby is published. Teachers can be (and are) arrested for teaching about evolution. Hitler writes Mein Kampf. You can buy the Thompson submachine gun in the Sears catalog. The first film with synchronized images and sound is released (Don Juan). Harry Houdini dies. NBC radio station is formed. The first ever transatlantic phone call is made (London to New York). The Harlem Globetrotters play their first game. The first ever transmission of an image (television). Charles Lindbergh flies across the Atlantic. The Ford Model T is finally retired, and the Model A is introduced. DNA is discovered. Mickey Mouse is introduced for the first time. Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a transatlantic flight. Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming. Herbert Hoover is elected President. The MGM lion roars for the first time. The Great Crash (The worst stock market crash in history, sending us into the Great Depression). Bingo is invented.

1930 – 1934: Age (16 to 20). The diesel engine is invented. Pluto is discovered. The commercialized selling of frozen foods is created. Twinkies are invented. The Looney Tunes are introduced. Betty Boop is introduced. Scotch tape is sold for the first time. The Great Depression goes into full swing. The first ever TV commercial airs. Thomas Edison submits his last patent application. The Star Spangled Banner is adopted as the US national anthem. Nevada legalizes gambling. Porsche is founded. The Empire State building is completed in New York. Jehovah’s Witnesses adopts their name. Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion. Neutrons are discovered. Goofy is introduced by Disney. The famous Babe Ruth “called shot” game. Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected President. Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany. The Lone Ranger makes its TV debut. Prohibition ends. The original King Kong is released. Monopoly is invented. The first Nazi concentration camp. The first siting of the Loch Ness Monster. The first drive in movie theater opens. The Dust Bowl. The first Krispy Kreme opens. The 3 Stooges are introduced for the first time. American outlaws Bonnie and Clyde are killed by police. Donald Duck is introduced.

1935 – 1939: Age (21 to 25). The world’s first canned beer is sold. First use of radar to detect aircraft. Porky Pig makes his debut. Babe Ruth retires. Parking meters are invented. Social Security Act goes into law. The Hoover Dam is completed. Gone with the Wind is released. The first helicopter flight is completed. Jesse Owens wins the 100 meter dash. Franklin D. Roosevelt starts term two. “Of Mice and Men” is published. Nylon is invented. Daffy Duck makes his debut. The Golden Gate Bridge opens up. Amelia Earhart disappears. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is debuted. Dr. Seuss publishes his first book. Oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia. The debut of Superman in comic books. The ballpoint pen is invented. The first nickel with Jefferson’s head is minted. Nuclear Fission is accomplished for the first time. Batman makes his debut in comic books. Lou Gehrig plays in his final game after being diagnosed with ALS. Major League Baseball games are shown on TV for the first time. WW2 officially begins. The first mass produced automatic transmission is released.

1940 – 1944: Age (26 to 30). Pinocchio is released. Elmer Fudd makes his debut. Robin makes his debut in the batman comic. Winston Churchill becomes the prime minister of the UK. They very first McDonalds opens. The Dunkirk evacuation. The very first Sturgis motorcycle rally. Bugs Bunny makes his debut. Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to his third term has President. Captain America makes his debut. The first patient to be treated with penicillin. The Grand Coulee Dam begins generating electricity. Cheerios is invented. Citizen Kane is released. NBC television begins. CBS television begins. JEEP is introduced. Dumbo is released. Mount Rushmore is completed. The Attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S.A enters WW2. The first Daylight Savings Time goes into effect in the United States. Bambi is released. Battle of Midway. Anne Frank makes her first entry in her diary. The Manhattan project is underway. The Pentagon is completed. D-Day takes place, with the Allies invading the beaches of Normandy. Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to his 4th term has president.

1945 – 1949: Age (31 to 35). George Mikan played college basketball. Franklin D. Roosevelt suddenly passes from a stroke, and Harry Truman becomes President. Benito Mussolini is executed. Hitler commits suicide. Germany surrenders in WW2. The first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. The 2nd atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. Japan surrenders in WW2. WW2 is officially concluded. The first clock radio is invented. The bikini is first modeled in Paris. Ben Hogan wins the PGA Championship (golf). The New York Knicks defeat the Toronto Huskies in the first ever “Basketball Association of America” game, the predecessor the NBA. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is released. San Francisco 49ers are founded (football). Tupperware is invented. The Polaroid Land Camera is invented. Jackie Robinson breaks the MLB color barrier (baseball). The “Cold War” begins. Miracle on 34th Street is released. The first Ferrari is released. AK-47 (rifle) is built for the first time. The C.I.A. is founded. The word “computer” is used in the modern sense for the first time (for an electronic digital machine). The first ever televised White House address. The sound barrier is broken for the first time by Chuck Yeager. Meet the Press makes its debut. The Microwave Oven is sold for the first time. NASCAR is founded (car racing). The World Health Organization is founded. ABC television begins. The clothing brand Puma is founded. Kim-Il Sung becomes the first prime minister of North Korea. Harry Truman wins his 2nd presidential term. The “Big Bang” theory is developed. Siam changes its name to Thailand. The NBA (basketball league) is formed. There are 16 remaining Union Army members from the civil war. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote make their debut. Billy Graham starts the Los Angeles Crusades.

1950 – 1954: Age (36 to 40). The first ever payment was made with a “charge card”. The Korean War begins. First publishing of the comic strip Peanuts. The first NBA all star game is held. Denice the Menace comic strip is published for the first time. Alice in Wonderland premiers. I Love Lucy airs for the first time. Direct dial coast to coast telephone service begins in the US. Princess Elizabeth becomes the Queen of England. The first open heart surgery is performed. Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected President. The Capital Wrestling Corporation (the predecessor to WWE) is formed by Jess McMahon. Peter Pan premiers. The Polio Vaccine is created. Mickey Mantle hits what is argued as the longest home run in MLB history. Frank Sinatra launched his career. Mount Everest is summitted for the first time. The first Corvette is released. The IRS gets its name. The Korean War comes to an end. The first issue of Playboy is published by Hugh Hefner. Marilyn Monroe marries Joe DiMaggio. The patent for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is filed.  The first ever color televised boxing match airs. Billy Haley and His Comets release “Rock Around the Clock”, which is generally considered the beginning of the rock and roll craze. Roger Bannister runs the first ever sub-4 minute mile. Brown vs. Board of Education, ruling the segregated schools are unconstitutional. Elvis Presley releases his first single. J.R.R. Tolkien published his first book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The first issue of Sports Illustrated. Texas instruments releases the first ever transistor radio. The first Godzilla movie is released. The first Burger King opens. The world’s first successful kidney transplant.

1955 – 1959: Age (41 to 45). Elvis Presley makes his television debut. Kermit the Frog makes his debut. Lady and the Tramp is released. Disneyland Theme Park opens. A black 14 year old Emmett Till is lynched and shot for what is now known to be a false accusation of threatening a white woman. Gunsmoke debuts. The Vietnam War begins. Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white passenger. In the “Game of the Century”, 13 year old Bobby Fischer beats grandmaster Donald Byrne in a chess tournament. Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected to his 2nd term as President. The Frisbee is invented. The Cat in the Hat is published. John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet for the first time. Leave it to Beaver premiers. The Lego Brick is patented. The peace symbol is created. The first MLB game ever played in California takes place. Pizza Hut is founded. The Hula Hoop is invented. Alaska becomes a state. IHOP opens its first location. The Beatles have their first recording session. NASA is founded. The first video game “Tennis for Two” is showcased. Instant noodles go on sale for the first time. Fidel Castro becomes prime minister of Cuba. Sleeping Beauty premiers. The Dyatlov Pass Incident (look this one up yourself). Lee Petty wins the first Daytona 500. Barbie is first sold. Hawaii becomes as state. Little Caesars opens its first location. Bonanza premiers. The Twilight Zone premiers. The first known person dies of HIV.

1960 – 1964: Age (46 to 50). Joanne Woodward receives the first start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The U.S. enters the Vietnam War. The birth control pill is given FDA approval. To Kill a Mockingbird is published. Dr. Seuss published Green Eggs and Ham. Richard Nixon and JFK have the first ever televised presidential debate. The first episode of the Flintstones airs. Muhammed Ali (then Cassius Clay) wins his first professional boxing match. JFK is elected President. 101 Dalmatians is released. The Ken doll is released. The Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. The Freedom Riders begin interstate bus rides to test desegregation rulings of the Supreme Court. The first American in space (Alan Shepard). Construction of the Berlin Wall begins. Kmart opens its first location. Wilt Chamberlain scores his famous 100 point game (basketball). Taco Bell opens its first location. The World’s Fair takes place in Seattle (creation of the Space Needle). Target opens its first location. Walmart opens its first location. Andy Warhol premiers his “Campbell’s Soup Can” exhibit. The Rolling Stones make their debut. Marilyn Monroe dies. Bob Dylan (age 21) releases one of his most famous songs “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”. The Jetsons premiers on ABC. Johnny Carson takes over as host of the Tonight Show. The first James Bond film is released. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs. Earliest recorded use of the term “personal computer”. The Beatles release their debut album. Coca Cola released its first diet drink “Tab”. CVS pharmacy opens its first location. Zip Codes are introduced by the USPS. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his I Have a Dream speech. Lamborghini is founded. The first “push button” telephone is sold to customers. JFK is assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson becomes President. C.S Lewis passes away. Doctor Who premiers. The smiley face symbol is invented. The Avengers make their comic book debut. The US government makes its first acknowledgement that smoking may be hazardous to ones health. Willie Mays becomes the highest paid baseball player at $105,000 a year. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book) is published. Cassius Clay changes his name to Muhammed Ali. The first Ford Mustang is released. The Great Alaskan Earthquake. The game show Jeopardy! debuts. Marry Poppins is released. Gilligan’s Island premiers on CBS. Lyndon B. Johnson wins his first full presidential term. Bob Pettit becomes the first NBA player to score 20,000 career points.

1965 – 1969: Age (51 to 55). Winston Churchill dies. Malcom X is assassinated. The Astrodome opens. The first ever skateboarding championships are held. Medicare and Medicaid are introduced. The Beatles play the first ever stadium concert (55,000 fans). Sandy Koufax pitches a perfect game for the LA Dodgers (baseball). The Gateway Arch is completed in St. Louis. The Pillsbury Doughboy is created. The soap opera Days of Our Lives premiers on NBC. A Charlie Brown Christmas debuts. Winnie the Pooh makes his debut. Vans shoe company is established. Texas Western defeats Kentucky in the NCAA championship (basketball) with the first ever all black starting lineup. The Flintstones airs its last new episode. The Dick Van Dyke Show airs its last new episode. The Miranda Rights are established. Caesars Palace open is Las Vegas. The Beatles play their last show as a live touring band. Star Trek premiers on NBC. The Monkees premiers on NBC. The AFL and NFL merge (football). It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! premiers. The New Orleans Saints are established (football). Walt Disney dies. Dr. Seuss’s how the Grinch Stole Christmas is narrated on CBS for the first time. The first Super Bowl (football) is held (called the AFL-NFL championship game at the time), the Green Bay Packers win. The ABA (basketball) is formed. Muhammed Ali refuses military service and is stripped of his heavyweight boxing title. The least where the NHL has only six teams (hockey). The Jimi Hendrix Experience releases their first album. The US supreme court rules that laws prohibiting interracial marriage are unconstitutional. Fleetwood Mac makes their live debut. The Jungle Book debuts. The Patterson-Gimlin film is recorded (bigfoot). The world’s first heart transplant. The term “black hole” is coined. Hyundai is founded. The “Ice Bowl” between the Packers and Cowboys (football). The first episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood airs. 2001: A Space Odyssey premiers. Planet of the Apes movie premiers. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. Hot Wheels toy cars debut. Intel is founded. Arthur Ashe wins the first US Open of the “Open Era” (tennis). Hawaii Five-O debuts. 60 Minutes debuts on CBS. Led Zeppelin makes their first live appearance. Richard Nixon is elected President. Yale University announces it will allow women to enroll. The Zodiac Killer murders his first victims. Joe Namath wins MVP of Super Bowl III (football). The Boeing 747 is flown for the first time. Death of Dwight E. Eisenhower. The earliest documented case of someone dying from HIV/AIDS in North America. Bills over $500 are withdrawn from US circulation. Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon. The Woodstock Festival is held. The first GAP store opens. Scooby-Doo premiers. Willie Mays hits his 600th home run (baseball). The Brady Bunch airs for the first time. Sesame Street airs for the first time. The first Wendy’s location opens. Frosty the Snowman premiers on CBS.

1970 – 1974: Age (56 to 60). All My Children airs for the first time on ABC. The Apollo 13 space mission (which later became a movie starring Tom Hanks). Jimi Hendrix dies at age 27. The first episode of Monday Night Football airs on ABC. Tom Dempsey kick a 63 yard field goal for the New Orleans Saints (a then NFL record) with a deformed foot. The North Tower is completed of the World Trade Center and becomes the tallest building in the world at the time. In “The Fight of the Century”,  Joe Frazier defeats Muhammed Ali in boxing. Starbucks is founded. The Harris Poll claims that 60% of Americans are against the Vietnam War. Richard Nixon declares the “War on Drugs”. Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory the movie debuts. The first “E-Book”, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, is posted on an early computer mainframe. Intel releases the world’s first microprocessor. D.B. Cooper hijacks an airplane and escapes with $200,000 of ransom money (the only unsolved skyjacking in history). The first email is sent. The first scientific hand-held calculator goes on sale for $395. The Godfather premiers. The Watergate scandal begins with 5 white house operative getting arrested. Bobby Fischer becomes the first American world chess champion. Bob Barker begins hosting the Price is Right. M*A*S*H premiers on CBS. Jackie Robinson, the first black MLB player (baseball) dies. The first female FBI agents are hired. Richard Nixon is elected for this 2nd term as President. Atari releases the beginning of generation one video games with “Pong”. The Pittsburgh Steelers win their first ever playoff game (football) including what is now known as the “immaculate reception”. Harry S. Truman dies. Aerosmith releases their debut album. The Miami Dolphins (football) complete the only perfect season in NFL history. Row vs Wade, the Supreme Court overrules state bans on abortion. George Forman defeats Joe Frazier to capture the heavyweight boxing title. Lyndon B. Johnson dies. American officially ends its involvement in the Vietnam War. The Young and the Restless debuts on CBS. The first ever cell phone call is made. Pablo Picasso dies. The Sears Tower is completed, becoming the world’s tallest building. Secretariat wins the Triple Crown of horse racing. Led Zeppelin plays for a record crowd of 56,800 people at Tampa Stadium. The Battle of Sexes match take place (tennis). Hip-Hop music genre is created. Willie Mays retires (baseball). O.J. Simpson becomes the first NFL running back to rush for over 2,000 yards in a season (football). The first “light beer” is introduced, Miller Lite. People Magazine release their first issue. The final episode of the Brady Bunch airs. Hank Aaron becomes the all-time home run leader (baseball). Expo ’74 in Spokane, Washington. A Universal Product Code (UPC) is scanned for the first time. Richard Nixon resigns as President, and Gerald Ford is sworn in. The “Rumble in the Jungle” where Muhammed Ali knocked out George Foreman in the boxing heavyweight title bout. John Lennon makes his final public performance. The Rubik’s Cube is invented. Dungeons and Dragons is created.

1975 – 1979: Age (61 to 65). Stevie Nicks joins Fleetwood Mac. Wheel of Fortune debuts on NBC. The first nationally televised women’s basketball game (Immaculata University defeats the University of Maryland). John Wooden coaches his final game at UCLA (basketball). Monty Python and the Holy Grail is released. Bill Gates and Paul Allen form Microsoft. “Jaws” is released. Muhammed Ali defeats Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila (boxing). Saturday Night Live debuts. Queen releases their famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The first case of Lyme Disease is diagnosed in Lyme, Connecticut. Monster Trucks are created. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found the computer company Apple. The ABA and NBA merge leagues (basketball). Family Feud debuts. The Seattle Seahawks played their first football game. The Muppet Show airs for the first time. Jimmy Carter is elected President. The first laser printer is introduced by IBM. The Seattle Mariners play their first baseball game. The personal computer Apple II debuts. Chuck E. Cheese’s opens its first location. Star Wars by George Lucas premiers. Elvis Pressley dies at the age of 42. Pete Rose gets his 3,000th career hit (baseball). The Unabomber completes his first attack. “Grease” debuts. Garfield makes his comic strip debut. Jimmy Carter signs a bill allowing the homebrewing of beer. Artificial insulin is invented. Space Invaders arcade game is released. The Dukes of Hazzard debuts on CBS. Michigan State led by Magic Johnson defeats Indiana State led by Larry Bird in the 1979 NCAA Championship game (basketball). The children’s tv station Nickelodeon is established. Dale Earnhardt Sr wins his first NASCAR race. McDonald’s introduces the happy meal. The Sony Walkman goes on sale for the first time. Disco music genre hits its peak on the Billboard top 100. ESPN is launched (the first cable sports network). The Sugarhill Gang release “Rapper’s Delight” the first rap song to make the top 40. Smallpox is eradicated. VisiCalc is released, the first commercial spreadsheet program.

1980 – 1984: Age (66 to 70). The USA hockey team defeats the Soviet Union in the semifinals at the 1980 Winter Olympics in what is known as the Miracle on Ice. Mount St. Helens erupts. The Emperor Strikes Back (Star Wars) is released. Pac-Man arcade game makes its debut. CNN (Cable News Network) is launched. AC/DC releases their album “Back in Black”. Ronald Reagan is elected President. John Lennon is killed. Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest in an unsuccessful assassination attempt. Bob Marley dies. The USA reports their first cases of AIDS. The first game of paintball is played. Donkey Kong arcade game is released. Over 750 people worldwide watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. MTV (Music Television) debuts. Muhammed Ali boxes in his final match. Crack Cocaine use is first reported in the U.S. The 49ers win their first Super Bowl led by MVP Joe Montana (football). The first computer virus is detected in the Apple II which enters using a floppy disc. The movie E.T. premiers. The first edition of USA Today is published. Sony introduces the very first CD player. Michael Jackson releases “Thriller”. ABBA makes their final public appearance. The final episode of M*A*S*H airs. Star Wars “Return of the Jedi” is released. Metallica released their debut album. GPS is made available for civilian use. “Multi-Tool Word” the predecessor of Microsoft Word, debuts. The first “Minivan” debuts (Dodge Caravan). A Christmas Story is released. McDonald’s introduces the “McNugget”. Apple debuts the first Macintosh personal computer. Bruce Springsteen releases “Born in the U.S.A.”, the CD of which is the first CD manufactured in the US. Tetris is released. Ghostbusters debuts. Prince releases “Purple Rain”. Alex Trebek starts hosting Jeopardy! The Terminator premiers. Ronald Reagan is elected to his 2nd term as President.

1985 – 1989: Age (71 to 75). The FDA approves a blood test for AIDS. The Discovery Channel debuts. Back to the Future premiers. The wreckage of the Titanic is discovered. Pete Rose becomes the all time hits leader (baseball). Super Mario Bros. makes its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Calvin and Hobbes comic strip debuts. Microsoft releases their first version of Windows, Windows 1.0. DNA is used in a criminal case for the first time. The first computer virus written for a PC (Brain). Microsoft goes public (IPO). Chernobyl Disaster kills over 4,000 people. Top Gun (Tom Cruise) premiers. The band Sweet Children forms (eventually will change their name to Green Day). The Simpsons debuts. Rick Astley releases “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Prozac is approved as an anti-depressant by the FDA. The first version of the video game “Final Fantasy” is released. The first Starbucks outside Seattle are opened (Vancouver and Chicago). The first version of Photoshop is released. NASA scientist James Hansen testifies to the US Senate that man made global warming has begun. Osama bin Laden forms Al-Qaeda. The first computer worm distributed over the internet is written (Morris worm). George H.W. Bush is elected President. The LEXUS car brand is launched. Ted Bundy is electrocuted for his serial murders. Seinfeld airs for the first time. Nintendo releases the Game Boy. Civil Unions between same sex partners becomes legal in Denmark, the first such law in the world. The first commercial dial up internet connection is made in North America. Douglas Wilder becomes the first African-American Governor in the US. N.W.A releases their album “Straight Outta Compton” which is the first gangsta rap album to sell over 1,000,000 copies.

1990 – 1994: Age (76 to 80). Smoking is banned on all cross-country airplane flights. Nelson Mandela is finally released from prison after 27 years behind bars. The Cold War formally comes to an end. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is released. The Gulf War is on-going, including Operation Desert Storm. Germany formally regains complete independence after the post WWII occupying powers relinquish all remaining rights. Apartheid comes to an end in South Africa. The Soviet Union dissolves and Boris Yeltsin is elected president of Russia. The World Wide Web is created. The Rugrats airs on Nickelodeon. Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury dies from AIDS. Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer gets life in prison. The acquittal of four police officers in the Rodney King trial leads to the L.A. riots. Cartoon Network is launched. Bill Clinton is elected President. CDs outsell audiocassette tapes for the first time (1992). Jurassic Park premiers. Fermat’s Last Theorem is proven. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed. The landmark PC video game “Doom” is released. China gets its first connection to the internet. Nelson Mandela becomes the first democratically elected president of South Africa. OJ Simpson is chased by police, fleeing in his Ford Bronco. Jeff Bezos founds Amazon. George Foreman becomes the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history. Sony releases the PlayStation. AOL provides a gateway to the World Wide Web, giving common folk access for the first time.

1995 – 1999: Age: (81 to 85). Ebay is founded. O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of double murder. Toy Story is release, the first full length computer animated film. Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ends. Theodore Kaczynski (the Unabomber) is finally arrested. The Nintendo 64 is released. Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal to be successfully cloned. Sports brand Under Armour is founded. Bill Clinton is elected to his 2nd term as President. The Anime Pokemon debuts. The WNBA (basketball) plays their first game. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is published. Princess Diana dies in car accident. The movie Titanic premiers. The Drudge Report leaks the story of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. In what has been called “perhaps the most damaging medical hoax of the 20th century”, Andrew Wakefield published his now known data manipulated study claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, which pushes the anti-vaccination movement. The final episode of Seinfeld airs. Google Inc. is founded. Mark McGuire breaks the single season homerun record (baseball). The video game “Mario Party” is released. Bill Gates becomes the richest person in the world. Napster (music downloading service) debuts. Vladimir Putin becomes president of Russia.

2000 – 2004: Age (86 to 90). Technology does NOT collapse with the start of the year 2000. The final edition of the original Peanuts comic strip is published. The PlayStation 2 is released by Sony. 405 The Movie is released, the first widely shared internet video. The Nintendo GameCube debuts. Lincoln Park releases their debut album Hybrid Theory. The first residential crew is sent to the International Space Station. After the results of the Bush vs. Gore case, George W. Bush is elected President of the USA. Wikipedia is launched. Disney’s California Adventures opens. Nintendo releases the Game Boy Advance. The terrorist attacks of 9/11, destroying the Twin Towers. The 2001 anthrax attacks. George W. Bush declares the “War on terror”. The US invades Afghanistan, beginning the War on Terror. Apple introduces the “iPod”. Microsoft releases the Xbox. The Green River Killer is arrested in Renton, Washington. Enron files for bankruptcy. The SARS pandemic begins. The U.S. Army captures Saddam Hussein. Facebook is created. George W. Bush is elected to his 2nd term as President. The Nintendo DS is released.

2005 – 2009: Age (91 to 95). YouTube is launched. Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast. Andrew Stimpson is reported as the first person ever “cured” of HIV. The Xbox 360 is released. The Mexican Drug War begins. Apple debuts the first “iPhone”. The Great Recession begins in the US. The music streaming service Spofity launches. The Large Hadron Collider is opened. Bitcoin is invented. Barack Obama is elected the first black President of the USA. The Swine Flu pandemic begins. Microsoft releases Windows 7. The movie “Avatar” premiers.

2010 – 2014: Age (96 to 100). Evidence suggesting Neanderthals and Humans interbred is published. Instagram is launched. British boy band One Direction is formed. Germany makes the final reparation payment for WWI (that’s right, the first one). Scientist trap antimatter for the first time. Prince William marries Catherine Middleton. Osama bin Laden is killed by the US military. North Korean leader Kim Jung-Il dies of a heart attack. Queen Elizbeth II marks her 60th year as head of the throne. Barack Obama is elected to his 2nd term as President. Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The MERS outbreak begins. Federal recognition is officially given to same-sex marriages in the US. The Ebola outbreak begins. The Flint water crises begins. The Ferguson, Missouri riots after the shooting of Michael Brown.

2015 – 2019: Age (101 to 105). Cuba becomes the first country in the world to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis. The first spacecraft in history flies by Pluto. Cuba and the Unites States restore diplomatic relations after 54 years. El Chapo is recaptured in Mexico. The Zika outbreak begins. The Chicago Cubs win the World Series to end the longest championship sports drought in American history (baseball). Donald Trump is elected President. The US withdraws troops from Afghanistan after 15 years. Hurricane Harvey hits the US. The deadliest mass shooting carried out by a lone gunman occurs in Las Vegas. The world’s last male northern white rhinoceros dies, making it extinct. Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle. Donald Trump meets with Kim Jung-un, marking the first time the leader of the two nations have met in a summit. Canada becomes the first major industrialized country to legalize cannabis. Saudi Arabia allows women to drive. Apple Inc. becomes the first publicly traded company to be worth over $1 trillion. A Chinese scientist claims that he has altered the DNA of twin human girls to make them resistant to HIV. The longest government shutdown in US history occurs, lasting 35 days. A 2nd confirmed person is “cured” of HIV. The first ever image of a black hole is published. Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is arrested. A fire does major damage to the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Avengers: Endgame is released and becomes the highest grossing film of all time. The Hong-Kong protests. Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister of the UK. Donald Trump becomes he third President to be impeached. The COVID-19 out break begins in China. The USA founds the Unites States Space Force.

2020: Age (106). We all lived it. We all know.

2021: Age (107). TO BE DETERMINED 😊

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