Post #55 – Making Friends/April Power 6

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Hey welcome back. Always a privilege to be writing a blog post. It means I’m still alive. Update: got that first vaccine dose. Feel like superman now. Did not have any side effects other than a sore arm. We will see how dose #2 goes.


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Making Friends

I have been watching my son play at the park the last few weeks and have been quite intrigued at the concepts of making friends. Gus is just mesmerized by any and all other kids. He will run right up to the big toy and follow others around. He is getting a little shyer as the weeks go on, but at the start there was definitely no understanding of personal space or social norms. But that was true of all the kids there. The park is a place for them to go meet friends.

If you take a viewpoint that children are unbiased and “un-warped” by the cruel affects of reality, you must conclude that making friends and being social is the natural human way. As a believer I also would argue that it is God’s design for us to be in community and seek communication with others. So then…why as an adult do I want NOTHING to do with ANYONE when I’m out in public?

I am not talking about when I am with my current friends or family, but when I am around new people. Example: When I go to the local watering hole (family friendly pubs of course because I am a dad now 😊) I look for the table that is the furthest away from everyone with the most space. So what changed? I have lots of theories. I am sure there is a great scientific or psychological answer, but I’ve narrowed it down to I am afraid of doing or saying something stupid.

Lots of things have changed since the pandemic hit. One interestingly positive outcome it has had on my life is reminding me just how much I love humans. Yeah there are always going to be people we don’t get a long with. And people that do awful things, that are not ok, and I don’t want anything to do with those people. But I truly enjoy seeing people right now regardless of what your views on life are. I hope once things really open up that I remember these feelings and maybe next time at the beach we invite the neighboring squad to play some spikeball.

APRIL POWER 5 + 1 –  “Top 6 takeaways from the Men’s NCAA tournament”

*I skipped March because nothing much new happened*

1. Down go the Zags. Living in Spokane, WA, naturally I was cheering for the Gonzaga Bulldogs this season. It seemed like our dream season. Then everything hit the fan all at once. For starters Kenny Smith hates us. For those that watched his broadcasts, why does he always do the Zags so mean like that. The OT game against UCLA drained them. And then of course the big elephant in the room, Baylor was actually the better team. And BY FAR in that game. Sorry if that is an unpopular opinion in this area of the country. I am taking Baylor a solid 6.5 out of 10 times.

2. Pac 12 was better than everyone thought. Another hot take from a guy living in the inland northwest 😊. 3 teams in the elite 8. UCLA probably being the 3rd best team in the tournament. Oregon State, Oregon, USC, and Colorado all rising up and getting solid W’s. Maybe next year they should have the NCAA tournament bubble on the west side…

3. Oral Roberts was good. One shot away from taking down Arkansas and making it to the Elite 8.

4. Eastern Washington University losing to Kansas by 9. My blog my rules. I live 25 min from the EWU campus AND I graduated from there. One of the biggest games in program history. Very proud. And fun to see. We probably will never have a squad that can hang that close with a Kansas team again. (could be saying more about how under talented Kansas was this year?).

5. Juwan Howard coach of the year??? Not really NCAA tournament related, but how did this happen? I really like Juwan Howard. He was a solid pro. And seems like a good guy. But Mark Few and Scott Drew both had better seasons.

6. Jim Boeheim was 55 when his son Buddy was born. Just a fun fact.

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