Post #56 – Golf Course Life Lessons

Disclaimer – The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice. 

Hi everyone and welcome to another edition of the life and times of the DudeWithPOTS. I hope you are striving and thriving as we head into summer 2021 😊. Please enjoy and as always please like, follow, share, comment, etc.

I have had a few people reach out asking about any doctor recommendations or where to even start their POTS journey if you suspect you might have it. I love helping and answering all of these questions however I can! I personally am seen by a team at the University of Washington. But ultimately my advice to you this is (and I think this would make a good core set of steps for anyone going through any rare or unique health condition):

1 – Just let your entire heart spill out to your regular doctor. Your journey has to start here. If they don’t listen, that is a sign you need to find a new doctor. This is important for a few reasons.

                A – You will most likely need referrals from them to see any specialists.

                B – You need to develop a trusting patient/doctor relationship where they believe you and don’t think all of your symptoms are pshycological. Because having a main home base doctor that is in your corner is the only way to get back to health.

                C – It is much faster and easier (and most often cheaper) to get in and see your regular GP. That way you can at least express your concerns more regularly as you guys look for a solution.

2 – Be willing to try different solutions and not expect results immediately. The thing about rare and unique health conditions is that there is little government funding to look for answers (aka not enough money to make it worth it). So you might have to trial and error different medicine, therapies, procedures and/or lifestyle changes before you find something that works for you.

3 – Join a support group on Facebook. Seriously. This is the place where you will realize there are actually a lot of people that suffer from exactly what you do. It can be comforting. And also help you find doctors in your area that specialize in your condition.

4 – Finally, keep a binder with all your symptoms, test results, doctors, etc. If you walk into an appointment with a binder full of material, they will know you mean business and are not faking this and really really really want help.

Hope that helps! Now enjoy the blog post!

Golf Course Life Lessons

I wrote a post once about how golf is a hard sport. But with every challenge in life comes an opportunity to learn from it! The following are the DudeWithPOTS life lessons learned from golfing.

1 – You are only competing against yourself. Unless you are pro golfer and you are literally playing for millions of dollars against other top tour golfers, you should not make beating other people’s scores your goal. Many reasons for this, but the main one is that most people cheat haha. Scores are not comparable. Pick what scoring method you want to use (mulligans, breakfast balls, penalty strokes for lost balls, etc.) and then use the same method every time you go. And compare your score with your previous scores to see if you are improving.

Life Comparison – Don’t try to keep up with Joneses. They probably cheat.

2 – Most of the other golfers on the course aren’t as good as you think. This one is a big one for newer golfers trying to get to a respectable level of play. It can be intimidating showing up to the course seeing all of the fancy dressed, seemingly have their whole life figured out, in a hurry golfers buzzing around. Acting like they know what they are doing. Truth is no one is THAT good. If they were good enough to judge your game, they wouldn’t be playing at the public course you are playing at. Watch any group for a while. 100% chance you see a tree hit or ball go out of bounds before the next hole is over.

Life Comparison – Don’t think social media is a reflection of how great someone’s life is. Behind those posts of the happy couple that is always traveling and have perfect smiles, is a lot of fights and problems you wouldn’t want to touch with a 100ft pole. That being said we all have our own problems that nobody wants to touch. Just like my putting game.

3 – Not all slices and hooks are THAT bad. Sometimes you end up with a perfect lie, just in a different fairway. If you have done any golfing whatsoever, you know what I’m talkin’ about here. Save that mulligan for the par 3 with the water hazard. Your slice or hook off the tee box is probably not as bad as it looks. Just hit a nice 2nd shot back into the action.

Life Comparison – Most mistakes you can recover from. Your situation is often times better than you think it is. You will get to the right green, you just might play a different fairway.

4 – Respect and Disrespect. This is a unique lesson that is one I just ponder and am still figuring out how it applies to me. When my mom (who golfs maybe twice a year) goes out to the course, she has her own method of score keeping. If on any hole she shoots in the single digits, she calls that RESPECT. And if she shoots a 10 or higher, she calls that DISRESPECT. Then at the end of the round, she tallies what she has more of and determines if she had a respectable or disrespectable round. From what I can tell, she has never had a disrespectful round of golf. And that my friends, is an optimistic way of thinking.

Life Comparison – I’m big on accountability so I like I said above, I still am trying to figure out how (and if) this could apply to real life. I am also too competitive to do this. Maybe there is something here about we don’t have time to be perfect at everything and just getting out there and doing your best is all you can ask for sometimes?

5 – “It’s not the quality of the golfing, it’s the quality of the people you are golfing with” – My brother who got last place in our foursome the other day.

Life Comparison – It is being with the people you love that make a place a home. Not the literal roof over your head. Also maybe not ask my bro to be in your next tournament scramble.

Thanks for reading! Please contact me for any specific topics, questions you want answered, or reviews you want!

Jarod Gunning – Dude with POTS.

2 thoughts on “Post #56 – Golf Course Life Lessons

    1. I thought it helped 🙂 it took the edge off for me. For me personally it was just too expensive and the results weren’t life changing. But it’s definitely a trial people should try if they are desperate


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