Post #48 – Success Through Failure

Disclaimer - The following post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or sickness. Please use caution if any parts apply to your specific situation and contact a health care professional for further advice.  Hi there! Welcome back to another fantastic edition of DudeWithPOTS. Figured there was no better time to post … Continue reading Post #48 – Success Through Failure

Post #40 – Good Vibes and the Good Old Days

This summer has been crazy. Let me warn any of you thinking about having a baby…life doesn’t stop while you are pregnant. Almost every weekend this summer it has been something else. Weekends at the river, two bachelor parties, multiple weddings (one of which I am in), house projects, baby prep, birthdays, literally I haven’t … Continue reading Post #40 – Good Vibes and the Good Old Days