List of RX medications I have tried or am currently trying/taking. DO NOT take any of these without a doctor approval. This is not intended to be healthcare advice.
Amitriptyline – Tricyclic antidepressant – Chronic Headache

Helped me fall asleep easier during panic attacks, but did not damper headaches at all.

Atenolol – Beta Blocker – High Heart Rate

Lowered heart rate as expected. Did not monitior blood pressure while on it.

Buspirone – Anxiolytic – Nerve Pain in Stomach

Gradually saw major improvement in stomach pain and overall mental health.

Clonazepam – Benzodiazepine – Panic Attacks

Stopped the panic attack completely. (WARNING: NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION)

Hyoscyamine Sulfate – Tropane alkaloid – Stomach pain

Minor improvement of pain in short term.

Lexapro – SSRI – Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks

Initially made things way worse, but slowly came back to baseline and slight improvement.

Lorazepam – Benzodiazepine – Panic Attacks

Temporarily improved anxiety but not drastically.  (WARNING: NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION)

Maxalt – Triptan – Chronic Headache

No improvement.

Midodrine – Vasopressor – Low Blood Pressure when Standing

Saw a substantial improvement in blood pressure and ability to stay upright.

Nadolol – Beta Blocker – High Heart Rate

Lowered heart rate as expected with no noticeable side effects.

Prednisone – Corticosteroid – Head pressure/pain

No improvement.

Prozac – SSRI – Anxiety/Depression/POTS

Drastically improved my mental health as well possibly contributed towards POTS improvement.

Pyridostigmine – Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor – POTS

Might be placebo effect, but seems to give slight benefits to stomach pain and head pressure.

Reglan –  Dopamine-receptor antagonist – Stomach Pain

No improvement.

Topamax – anticonvulsant – Chronic Headache

No improvement and caused strange symptoms like tingling fingers.

Venlafaxine – SNRI – Anxiety/Depression

Made all symptoms much worse, a known result of taking SNRI’s with POTS.